A Call to the Martyrs

A Call to the Martyrs

A Call to the Martyrs is the debut album from the Christian deathcore band Mortal Treason.

Andrew Sinft from Jesus Freak Hideout writes: “All in all, A Call to the Martyrs is a solid album and is a must have for any fan of metal or hardcore. Highlights include “Khampa Nomads,” “A Walk Thru the Woods,” and “Feed on the Weak” (which has an amazing breakdown). The biggest disappointment is the fact that other than a short acoustic track, the album is only eight songs long cell phone dry bag. Like the band, the album is strong but could have lasted longer.” Mortal Treason from Alabama have been around for about five years now safe water bottles to reuse, defying mainstream Christian music tastes with their growing hardcore fanbase and passion for preaching Christ’s salvation through music that’s harder than a bag of your Gran’s favourite mints. Lead vocalist Seth has been compared a couple of times to Cory Darst (ex-lead vocalist of Zao) in his approach to vocal sound and style, which can never be a bad thing, though when he occasionally speaks during the tracks he can sound a little two dimensional and uninspiring Paul Frank Shoes. This is only Mortal Treason’s first album (a second is due soon) but their musicianship is already of fantastic standard. Every guitar riff worth bottling and surprising your pastor with on a Sunday morning. My only gripe is of Seth’s unimaginative song titles, his lyrics are quite good but he needs some tips from Bloodlined Calligraphy’s Ally French on what he calls the tracks.

Mortal Treason


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